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Psychology Honors Program

What is It?

  • The Psychology Honors Program is a year-long program designed to enable Psychology majors to complete an individual research project (i.e., Honors Thesis) under the supervision of a faculty advisor
  • The Honors Seminar, which meets only during the Fall semester (see a sample syllabus), helps students write and defend their Honors Thesis, develop professional skills, consider academic/career options, and prepare graduate school applications
  • Students work on completing their Honors Thesis throughout both the Fall and Spring semesters, and then defend it in an oral examination at the end of Spring

Program Benefits

  • Small enrollment of about 10-15 students each year, which means students get individualized attention and become acquainted with a small peer group
  • Excellent training for students who plan to pursue graduate study in Psychology or related fields
  • Hands-on experience with research, which is key in determining whether to pursue a career in research
  • Successful completion (both the written Honors Thesis and the oral defense) results in graduation with Honors, High Honors, or Highest Honors in Psychology
  • Most outstanding Honors Thesis and oral defense in a given year is recognized with the Feldman-Cohen Award

Who is Eligible?

  • Senior Psychology majors with a GPA of at least 3.0, both overall and in Psychology, who have secured a faculty advisor to supervise their work
  • The Psychology Honors Program is completely independent of the UB Honors College

Are There Additional Requirements?

  • Required: Prior or concurrent completion of PSY 450 Advanced Research Methods
  • Strongly recommended: Prior research experience (PSY 498) and completion of PSY 295 Communicating for Psychological Sciences

What Should I Expect if I Enroll?

  • The Psychology Honors Program is challenging, but highly rewarding
  • Students are expected to demonstrate a high level of skill not only in conducting research but also in professional scientific writing and oral defense of their work

How Do I Apply?

  • Seek out and secure a Department of Psychology faculty member (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, or Adjunct) to serve as advisor (see the description and application form for tips on finding an advisor)
  • Complete the application and program interview prior to the start of the Fall semester of the senior year (junior Spring semester is ideal)

Helpful Links


  • Contact Dr. Wendy Quinton (, 716-645-0230, Park 348), Director of the Psychology Honors Program