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Psychology Honors Program

Program Description

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The Psychology Honors Program is a year-long program designed to enable Psychology majors to complete an individual research project (i.e., Honors Thesis) under the supervision of a faculty advisor. The Honors Program consists of two parts. The first part is the Honors Seminar, which meets only during the Fall semester (see a sample syllabus). The topics covered during the Honors Seminar are intended to help students design, execute, write, and defend their Honors Thesis. In addition, there will be discussion of issues relevant to choosing a career path in psychology and other areas. The second part of the Honors Program is completion of the Honors Thesis, which students work on throughout both the Fall and Spring semesters, and defend in an oral examination at the end of Spring semester.

The Honors Program is challenging. Students are expected to demonstrate a high level of skill not only in conducting research but also in professional scientific writing and oral defense of their work. If students successfully complete the program (both the written Honors Thesis and the oral examination), their transcripts will indicate graduation with Honors, High Honors, or Highest Honors in psychology.

The Honors Program is particularly beneficial for students who plan to pursue graduate study in psychology or related disciplines. The skills learned in the Honors Seminar and in the conduct and completion of an Honors Thesis not only augment graduate applications, but also provide an excellent foundation for graduate-level work in any field. Most importantly, participating in the Honors Program gives students a chance to get hands-on experience with research, which is key in helping students to determine if they would like to pursue a career in research.

The Psychology Honors Program is completely independent of the University Honors College at UB.

Who Is Eligible?

The Honors Program is open to senior Psychology majors with a GPA of at least 3.0, both overall and in psychology, who have secured a faculty advisor to supervise their work.

Are There Additional Requirements?

Prior or concurrent completion of PSY 450 Advanced Research Methods is a requirement for participation.

Prior research experience (PSY 498) is strongly recommended.

How to Apply?

To participate in the program, students must seek out and secure a Department of Psychology faculty member (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, or Adjunct) willing to supervise their project. See the description and application form for information about the program and suggestions for searching for an advisor. Once they have secured an advisor, students must complete the application prior to the start of the Fall semester of their senior year; it is best to complete the application process during the latter half of the junior year, during late Spring or early Summer. Students should contact Dr. Wendy Quinton (, 716-645-0230, Park 348), Director of the Psychology Honors Program, with any questions about the program.

Check faculty interests and contact information to determine who to approach as a potential faculty advisor.

Download a list of past Honors Projects (pdf)

Additional Benefits

The Honors Program has a small enrollment of about 7-15 students each year. As a member of the program, students get individualized attention and become acquainted with a small peer group of other Honors Students. In addition, the student with the most outstanding Honors Thesis in a given year is recognized with the Psychology Department’s Feldman-Cohen Award for distinguished Honors achievement.