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Affiliated Faculty

Robert Burkard, Ph.D.
Auditory evoked potentials, physiologic manifestations of auditory masking, auditory adaptation, acoustics and sound measurements, use of digital signal process for acquisition of auditory evoked potentials, comparative studies of hearing.

Peter Butera, Ph.D.
Hormonal control of ingestive behavior and meal patterns, neural mechanisms of estrogen action, cytokines and disease anorexia.

Stewart Clark, Ph.D.
Biological functions of novel neuropeptide systems

Micheal Dent, Ph.D.
Behavioral and physiological measures of the perception of complex auditory stimuli in birds and mammals

David Dietz, Ph.D
Neurobiology underlying psychiatric diseases including addiction and depression.

Jean DiPirro, Ph.D
Neuropeptidergic and monoaminergic regulation of pain, analgesia, maternal behavior and drug addiction.

Elizabeth Mietlicki-Baase, Ph.D.
Neural controls of energy balance; food reward; obesity; motivated behavior.

Panayotis Thanos, Ph.D
Mesolimbic dopamine circuit in addictive disorders focusing on drug abuse, alcoholism and obesity.

Richard Salvi, Ph.D.
Tinnitus, Auditory Plasticity, Ototoxicity, Noise Induce Hearing Loss, Hair Cell Regeneration, Stem Cell Transplantation.

Roh-Yu Shen, Ph.D.
Brain dopamine systems; alcohol craving; fetal alcohol syndrome.

David Shucard, Ph.D.
Neural basis of cognition in normal and impaired infants, children, adults, and animals; clinical neurophysiology; clinical and experimental neuropsychology.

Jennifer Temple, Ph.D.
Factors that influence motivation to eat, gender differences in the effects of caffeine in adolescents, and the role of sensory system processing in food reward and intake.

Scott Wersinger, Ph.D.
Neural and hormonal regulation of social behavior, including reproductive behavior and aggression.