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Leonard Simms, Ph.D.

SimmsLeonardAssociate Professor
Ph.D., University of Iowa
218 Park Hall
(716) 645-0172
Personality, Psychopathology, and Psychometrics Lab
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Summary of Research Interests

In the Personality, Psychopathology, and Psychometrics Laboratory, we pursue two interrelated programs of research broadly relevant to measurement of and theory related to personality and psychopathology: (a) research aimed at better understanding the phenotypic description and structure of personality and psychopathology, especially as related to personality pathology and the mood and anxiety disorders, and (b) applied psychometric research designed to create, improve upon, or evaluate psychological assessment tools.

Representative Publications

  • Rudick, M. M., Yam, W. H., & Simms, L. J.  (in press).  Comparing countdown- and IRT-based approaches to computerized adaptive personality testing.  Psychological Assessment.
  • Simms, L. J., Prisciandaro, J. J., Krueger, R. F., & Goldberg, D. P.  (2012). The structure of depression, anxiety, and somatic symptoms in primary care.  Psychological Medicine, 42, 15-28.
  • Simms, L. J., Goldberg, L. R., Roberts, J. E., Watson, D., Welte, J., & Rotterman, J. H.  (2011).  Computerized Adaptive Assessment of Personality Disorder: Introducing the CAT-PD Project.  Journal of Personality Assessment, 93, 380-389.
  • Yufik, T., & Simms, L. J.  (2010). A meta-analytic investigation of the structure of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 119, 764-776, doi: 10.1037/a0020981
  • Simms, L. J., Yufik, T., & Gros, D. F.  (2010).  Incremental validity of positive and negative valence in predicting personality disorder.  Personality Disorders:  Theory, Research, and Treatment, 1, 77-86.
  • Simms, L. J., Zelazny, K., Yam, W. H., & Gros, D. F.  (2010).  Self-informant agreement for personality and evaluative person descriptors: Comparing methods for creating informant measures.  European Journal of Personality, 24, 207-221.
  • Simms, L. J., Grös, D. F., Watson, D., & O’Hara, M. W.  (2008). Parsing the general and specific components of depression and anxiety with bifactor modeling.  Depression and Anxiety, 25, E34-E46.
  • Simms, L. J.  (2007). The Big Seven model of personality and its relevance to personality pathology.  Journal of Personality, 75, 65-94.
  • Simms, L. J., & Clark, L. A.  (2005).  Validation of a computerized adaptive version of the Schedule for Nonadaptive and Adaptive Personality.  Psychological Assessment, 17, 28-43.
  • Simms, L. J., Watson, D., & Doebbeling, B. N.  (2002).  Confirmatory factor analyses of posttraumatic stress symptoms in deployed and non-deployed veterans of the Gulf War.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 111, 637-647.