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Gail Mauner, Ph.D.

MaunerGailAssociate Professor
Ph.D., University of Rochester
343 Park Hall
(716) 645-0219
Url: Personally maintained website
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Summary of Research Interests

Research in my laboratory focuses on the representations and processing mechanisms underlying language comprehension, production, and on implicit learning in language and language experiments. The issues we focus on

in language comprehension are:

  • determining the semantic representations of verbs (i.e., participant role information);
  • determining the role participant role information plays (in combination with sentential and nonlinguistic contexts) in predicting and integrating participant role fillers into sentence representations
  • determining how much processing effort on a word in a sentence, above and beyond what is expected by that word’s predictability, is due to its semantic similarity to other words activated by a sentence context

in language production are:

  • determining how abstract syntactic representations across languages are
  • how first language syntactic representations constrain the use of syntactic alternatives in a second language
  • the role of semantic/event similarity of verbs in syntactic formulation

in implicit learning in language and language experiments are:

  • determining the degree to which semantic and syntactic priming is driven by automatic processing or implicit (strategic) biases
  • determining the degree to which facilitation across trials in sentence processing experiments is due short term changes in distributions vs. implicitly learning predictive cues


Representative Publications

  • Mauner, G. & Koenig, J.-P. (2000). Linguistic vs. conceptual sources of implicit agents in sentence comprehension. Journal of Memory and Language, 43, 110-134.
  • Mauner, G., Melinger, A. Koenig, J-P., & Bienvenue, B. (2002). When is schematic participant information encoded?: Evidence from eye-monitoring. Journal of Memory and Language, 47, 386-406.
  • Koenig, J.-P., Mauner, G., & Bienvenue, B. (2003). Arguments for adjuncts. Cognition, 89, 67-103.
  • Conklin, K. Koenig, J.-P., & Mauner, G. (2004). The role of specificity in the lexical encoding of participants. Brain and Language, 90, 221-230.
  • Roland, D., Yun, H., Koenig. J.-P. & Mauner, G. (2012) Semantic Similarity, Predictability, and Models of Sentence Processing. Cognition, 122, 267–279.