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Shira Gabriel, Ph.D.

GabrielShiraAssociate Professor
Ph.D., Northwestern University
358 Park Hall
(716) 645-0227
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Summary of Research Interests

My primary area of interest is the social nature of the self. Within that broad area, my students and I have examined Social Surrogacy – the tendency for humans to form psychological relationships with non-human (on non-physically available) entities, the social functions of the self, the need to belong, and how our relationships shape our feelings about ourselves (and vice versa).

Representative Publications

  • Gabriel, S., Harris, B., Carvallo, M., & Troisi, J. D., (2012). The Interconnected Self: The Social Individual is More Than Just Social+ Individual, Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 6, 826-839.
  • Gabriel, S., & Young, A. F.  (2011).  Becoming a Vampire Without Being Bitten The Narrative Collective-Assimilation Hypothesis, Psychological science, 22, 990-994.
  • Gabriel, S., Kawakami, K., Bartak, C., Kang, S., & Mann, N. (2010). Negative self-synchronization: Will I change to be like you when it is bad for me?. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 98(6), 857-871.
  • Derrick, J., Gabriel, S., & Hugenberg, K. (2009). Social surrogacy: How favored television programs provide the experience of belonging. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45(2), 352-362.
  • Gabriel, S., Carvallo, M., Dean, K., Tippin, B. D., & Renaud, J. (2005). How I See “Me” Depends on How I See “We”: The Role of Attachment Style in Social Comparison. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.